When is the cheapest time to relocate

It is a well-known fact that moving is both a joyful and a stressful event at the same time. You are relocating to a new home, perhaps even a new city. That is an exciting and wonderful change. On the other hand, moving takes a lot of hard work. But also a lot of money. So it is no wonder you are trying to figure out what the cheapest time to relocate is. You don’t want to start your life in a new household penniless, do you? So if you are able to choose the time of your relocation, when should it be? Here are a few suggestions on how to make that decision.

What makes moving so expensive?

If you’ve done your initial calculations, then you must be asking yourself how come relocation is so expensive. And the answer is that many factors contribute to the total sum you need to spend on moving. First of all, buying a new home is something that can easily end up spending your entire savings. This is a monumental event of your life and it’s no wonder it has you concerned about money.

cheapest time to relocate - calculator
Do your initial moving costs calculations have you worried? It’s only normal.

And after buying your new apartment or a house, you need to spend some money on adjusting it or renovating it. Not to mention buying new pieces of furniture if your old furniture doesn’t fit and you need to rent a storage unit. And while we’re at it, renting a storage unit has many benefits, but it also takes some money. And the list goes on. So looking for the cheapest time to relocate is quite reasonable, all things considered.

What time of year is the cheapest time to relocate?

It makes sense that most people tend to move during the summer. If you have children then you want to move while school is out. Moving in the middle of the school year can prove to be quite complicated for both you and your children.

snowy road
Winter is usually the cheapest time to relocate, although you should be careful. Keep an eye on the weather forecast

Also, every moving task is easier to complete if the weather is nice and there is no rain or snowfall. Not to mention ice on the roads, which can make your relocation a nightmare. So summer sounds like a fine choice, doesn’t it? Not if you are trying to find the cheapest time to relocate. For the abovementioned reasons, moving during summer make you pay more for moving costs. It makes sense because more people are looking for moving services at the same time. So if you are looking to save on relocation costs, choose to move during winter.

Is moving during winter too complicated?

It does sound like too much work. Having to pack, load and move your household during a snowstorm or with ice on the roads is both difficult and dangerous. So it is best to avoid it. But if you are trying to save money, perhaps you can take your chances. Try to avoid moving in January, at least. Check the longterm weather forecast, it might prove to be useful. Do your best to make your relocation happen during off-months. March, April, October or November would make a good choice. You wouldn’t expect a heavy snowfall to keep you from moving, but it is still off-season, so the costs should be lower than during the summer.

What is the cheapest time of the months to move?

It is most common for people to move at the beginning or at least the very end of the month. There’s a good reason for this, as leases usually start at the first of the month. So if it is possible, try to get yourself a deal that allows you to relocate mid-month. This will enable you to get the best possible price and this is definitely the cheapest time to relocate. People are often not able to choose this, but if you are, then make the best of it.

calendar on the desk
If you are able to choose the time of the month for your relocation, choose the mid-month move.

What days of the week should you choose if you look for the cheapest time to relocate?

When choosing the day to move, the best thing is to avoid the weekend. Make Tuesday your moving day, because the gas is cheaper on Tuesdays. You’ll need plenty of money for your car, as well as for the rented truck, so you need to try and spend the least possible amount of money on gas. Also, if you decide to hire a moving company, they usually lower their prices on Tuesdays for the same reason – the gas being cheaper. Hiring a moving company may seem expensive at first, but you can do your best to find affordable and reliable movers. They can offer you all sorts of moving services:

  • local or long-distance moving
  • residential or commercial moving
  • storage and even climate-controlled storage facilities
  • packing services
  • specialized moving services (for moving your piano, art pieces, etc.)

Moving can cause you to spend a significant amount of money, that’s for sure. But you can, however, find ways to save a few dollars here and there. And you can save quite a lot if you pay attention to when the cheapest time to relocate is. If you take some of our advice, it will definitely save you some money during your moving process. Just remember, choose your moving day with care. And plan out everything in advance. You can’t really affect the weather, but you can make sure you have the least possible chances for bad weather to make your moving day difficult. Choose colder months, but avoid the winter. Chose Tuesdays and mid-month periods, if possible. These are the best ways to save money while moving.

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