Where to store your art in Staten Island

The fact is, the best place you could possibly place your art is your walls. But sometimes there are just so many of those beautiful pieces something must go to the storage. You would want to keep your art safe and sound for when the time comes to hang them up on your walls again. Let us help you with ideas on how to store your art on Staten Island.

Do’s and don’ts when you want to store your art in Staten Island

As we mentioned you would want to keep your art safe and sound.  Your best option would be to use storage facilities Staten Island but you need to know how to use them. Our suggestion number one, and this is a must, is to use climate-controlled storage units. Mold will definitely ruin art and that is not something you want. If you have many of them, to store your art in Staten Island or anywhere else means the need for padding. Art must be separated and not just stacked on top of one another.

a children room
You can always designate a room to leave your artwork there

Just as storing anything else, you should avoid direct sunlight and also putting it on floors and concrete. Notify your local movers New York that they are transferring art, therefore they will be extra careful. Unlike other things that you can store in an attic or basement, you should avoid that with your art. These are delicates and should not be stored there.

Storing options other than units

As we ruled out the basement and attic as suitable for storing art, we now must find other options. Storage units with climate control are best as we mentioned but there are other options as well. A room in your home can be used to store your art in your Staten Island home. This room needs to be of the same temperature all year long and not have drastic changes.

The padding and other safety measures must be provided here as well, whether you are storing in a unit or in a home. Before you start preparing your art for storage you need to put on some gloves. Start the cleaning process with a microfiber rag, but make sure everything is dry first. After that, you wrap your art in protective frames and acid-free tissue that won’t damage the art. Wrap the sculptures in wraps for extra safety.

Label everything first, then store it

As you would do with storing anything else, you should label your art. Put down the artist’s name and the name of the art piece on the label. Handle them one at the time and do not rush it.

a marking pen
Once you pack your artwork, label the details on the paper

You should check for the damage that can occur every few months. Even if you were extra careful, this can still happen.

Storing art isn’t like storing anything else. This needs your special care, focus, and undivided attention. But we do not worry, because we know you will do great with our help on how to store your art in Staten Island.

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