The items to leave behind when moving to NYC

Are you getting ready to relocate to the Big Apple? If so, congrats! We are sure you are going to fall in love with this city as soon as you set your foot in it! But, first things first! Before you start to plan how you will explore NYC, you will first need to focus on organizing and dealing with pre-move tasks. This is what will help you move hassle-free! And, when it comes to pre-move tasks, we all know that one of the most complicated ones is packing. But, you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way! By getting rid of the items you don’t need, you will pack so much easier. This is why we have listed which items to leave behind when moving to NYC.

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The importance of decluttering before the relocation

It is no secret that packing is one of the most challenging tasks. Some even describe it as the most boring one, too! Luckily, you can avoid dealing with this task by hiring reliable Brooklyn movers and getting their packing service. Easy-peasy, right? Well, yes and no. Even though professionals will pack your household for the move, you will still need to take care of one task – decluttering.

Person writing which items to leave behind when moving to NYC
To make decluttering easier, make the list of the items you want and don’t want to move

You are probably wondering why it is so important to declutter before you move. After all, you can get rid of the items you don’t need after your relocation! Even though this is true, we don’t recommend doing this. One of the main reasons why you should declutter before the move is because you will:

  • get rid of the items you aren’t using anymore,
  • be able to donate some of your stuff to homeless shelters in NY,
  • recognize with ease items to leave behind when moving to NYC,
  • move fewer items, which means you will actually save some money on relocation.

How to decide which items to leave behind when moving to NYC?

Letting go of things is something most people aren’t good at. We all like to keep unnecessary stuff even though they don’t have any sentimental value. Actually, they don’t have any value at all! But, if you want to relocate, save some money, and make room in your home, decluttering is a must! Keep in mind that you can always store some of your precious belongings inside a long term storage New York.

New York City skyline
Most apartments in NYC are tiny and you probably won’t be able to fit all of the furniture you own

To help you declutter before your NYC move, we will list some of the items to leave behind when moving to NYC:

  • Big and bulky furniture and large appliances – most NYC’s apartments are tiny and you won’t have the room for all of these items.
  • Food and Liquids – spills and leaks can ruin your other belongings and spoiled food could attract unwanted guests.
  • Plants – moving plants isn’t recommendable. It is better to give them to some of your loved ones.
  • Garage items – in case you are moving into an apartment, you won’t need them.
  • Hazardous and Dangerous goods – these items could put your entire relocation at risk, so avoid moving them at any cost.

There you have it, these are some of the items you shouldn’t move to your new NYC home. In case you have any questions regarding your move or you simply want to get our services, feel free to contact us at any time!

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