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Moving with family represents one of the moves that everyone likes to complete as soon as possible. Moving on your own can sometimes be complicated. However, when you are moving with a family, you’ll want to spare your husband, wife, and kids from unnecessary drag that a moving process really is. While you would probably like to send your kids away for the duration of the move, you might as well rethink your decision. After all, it is going to be so much easier to settle in in your new home if your kids have taken an active part in making sure that all of your belongings have been prepared and transported to their new address. Therefore, today, we are going to give you a few pieces of advice on how to include your kids in the unpacking process. Bear with us and you will be settling in easily.

In what way to include your kids in the unpacking?

There are going to be different ways that you could get your kids involved in the moving process.

  • Starting from the very beginning, you could interest them by having them around when the time for choosing a house comes.
  • Then, after you have made your choice of where you are going to be moving, you should get them engaged in choosing the school in which you are going to enroll them. While the final decision is going to be yours, you should make sure to have them feel like they have a say.
  • Ultimately, once your Manhattan movers have taken your items to your new home, make sure to include your kids in the unpacking.
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Kids can be disinterested in helping out. Use the right techniques to reach them

Why should you involve your kids in the unpacking process?

Involving your kids in the moving process is important for several reasons:

  • It will make the kids feel empowered
  • It will influence their work habits in a good way

The feeling of being empowered is an important one. The kids from a very young age can feel whether they are included in the family happenings or not. So, by overprotecting them, the parents are not doing them the favor. It is much better to let the kids feel all the emotions. Also, have them participate in almost all family stuff than leaving them out of them. In the long run, making them feel like they have the power to bring change is going to lead to higher self-esteem with your kids. This is absolutely something that you would like to help them achieve.

On the other hands, by keeping our kids involved in the family processes, moving to Staten Island included, we are making sure that they develop their work habits. If you start treating them well from the young age, you will ensure that once they have grown up, they are hard-working and confident people.

What to do in the case that you are moving with really small kids?

If you are moving with kids who are old enough to understand what is going on but are not very interested in helping out, you should make sure to make the moving process interested for them.

Obviously, it is not going to be easy. Sometimes, you are not going to even feel like you would have time to deal with it. Still, there are ways to include your kids in the unpacking. 

To Include your kids in the unpacking as old as toddlers can be difficult
Toddlers can be too young to take an active part in unpacking

If they have not been feeling too happy about moving away, they may be very apprehensive about helping out. In this case, involving them in the unpacking of their own items is a good idea. Once your residential movers have left and left you with a bunch of moving boxes is the right time to start unpacking. It is also going to be the right time for getting your kids involved in the unpacking process too.

So, in this case, make sure to start with unpacking their toys first. One box by one. As time goes by, they may decide to try and help you out with the rest of the boxes. Also, they may not. If they unpacking their toys and start playing with them, you may decide to leave them off the hook. Still, make sure to emphasize later on that unpacking was a team effort. It should keep them interested in helping out with some other chores in the future.

Set a goal for your kids and treat them once they have achieved it

Another way to make your kids interested in the moving process is to set a goal for them that they should reach. Once they have, you should make sure to treat them to something.

This is a way to show them that you value their effort, first of all. Then, it is a good way to let them know that working hard pays off. Treating your kids when they succeed is important. Otherwise, they will not be able to make out the difference between winning and losing. If both are the same for them, why would they even try?

Treat your kids when they reach goals that you have set them

Therefore, make sure to treat your kids when they succeed. 


To include your kids in the unpacking process is very important. It represents the only way to make sure that they start feeling your new house as their true home. You know your kids best. Therefore, make sure to use the best techniques to get them interesting them in helping out. If they object, stay resolute. It will serve them well in the future.

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