Things to know before moving to New York

If you’re thinking or already planning to moving to New York, it’s very important to pay attention to the special features of this charming city. Life in New York can not be compared with life in other cities. New York is special. New York has its soul, its beauty, but also its rules. If you are not willing to adapt to the lifestyle that New York requires of you, then this is not your dream place to live.  

Moving to New York can be a big life challenge, but also a big mistake if you are not ready for a fast lifestyle and city that never sleeps. If you are a person who is withdrawn and loves a peaceful life and nature, then New York is not a good option for you. If you are eager for challenges and adrenaline, what are you waiting for? Move to New York! 

But before you do, we are sure that you will be interested in some of the things that New York is special about, so stay curious and let’s find out things you need to know before moving to New York 

view of the Empire State building prior to moving to new york
Living in New York is living in the best city in the world but it comes with pros and cons alike!

Moving to New York things to adapt to Fast lifestyle 

If you’re moving to New York in order to experience big city and peaceful life – forget about it. New York never sleeps. You will see overcrowded streets with tourists and people in a hurry, so basically you won’t have much personal space on the sidewalks. Everyone just walks really fast. Expect that at least one person will crush into you while walking. This might look confusing to you, but you’ll get used to it. Of course, you can have a slow stroll in parks. Owning a car in New York is a luxury, so most people don’t own it and walk or use a subway/taxi.  Also in case you need to find out what to wear on moving day we got that covered too!

skyline view on New York
Take advantage of everything NYC has to offer!

Smartphone rules 

It’s a digital age and you probably already have some kind of smartphone. Consider the fact that while moving to New York, a smartphone is your best friend! If you live in New York you’re using the subway, taxi, and delivery almost every day. Well, there are applications for all that stuff. It’s very useful to have certain applications. For example, you can download an offline subway map. You should know, and keep in mind that there will be a situation when the train is crowded and wifi isn’t working, and you have to find your station. No matter if you want to order pizza, have a beer or call UBER, smartphone applications are always there. And luckily, New York citizens can get everything they want to be delivered right at their door.  

Car-owning issues 

Do you own a car and you plan to move to New York? Well, that might be risky and challenging. Most people in New York don’t own a car, not because they don’t want to, but because it’s highly expensive. If we take a look on the U.S. Census, about 56% of New Yorkers don’t own a car. Free parking lots are really rare. And parking lots are really expensive. Besides, it’s pretty usual to wait about 30 minutes in the evening looking for a parking spot. Also, have in mind that twice a weak you’ll have to move your car to the other side of the street because of street cleaners. And if you’re moving to an apartment without a parking lot, that can cost you a fortune. Also, New York has tunnels and bridge tolls and it can cost you from $1.70 to $20.00 to use a freeway to get anywhere out of New York City.  

Moving to New York adapting on: Forget about savings 

Moving to New York will surely change your lifestyle and have a strong impact on your budget. This city has some of the highest taxes in the U.S. New York citizens have to pay the federal income tax, the state income tax, and the city income tax. Also, the sales tax in NYC is high – about 8.875%. The expensive life is the main reason New Yorkers are moving out of the city. If you do not have enough paid work or you’re short on budget, don’t think about moving to New York. Besides, the rental market is crazy here. If you want to lease an apartment, you’ll have to pay a broker’s fee, equal to 10%-15% of annual rent. You won’t find no-fee apartments here. Transportation, food, bills, alcohol – basically everything is expensive in New York. So, forget about savings.  

Moving to New York: Overcrowded streets  

Strolling through Times Square? No way, forget about it. Places like this are usually overcrowded with tourist almost every day. With so many people walking down the streets, you won’t have much personal space. You’ll need to get used to that. Besides, lots of taxi vehicles as well can make your trip of 10 minutes last for eternity. So you should better walk sometimes.  

coffee and US flag on picture of NYC
Living in the best city in the world comes with benefits and consequences!

Can’t turn right on red lights 

Don’t be surprised. It is totally legal to make right turns on a red light in California for example, but you shouldn’t try that in New York unless you want to pay a penalty of $238 if police catch you.  

Beach rules 

Some people like the city, some people like city parks, but almost everyone loves beaches. You may not know, but there are so many beaches in NY where you can enjoy. Beaches on Coney Island, shores of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. You can access every beach with public transportation.  And on top of all, you might consider reasons to hire professional movers as well.

Free WIFI in most city parks 

If you get tired of work and fast lifestyle, you can relax in some of New York’s amazing parks. Central Park is one of the most popular parks in NY, located in Manhattan. Beside strolling and enjoying nature, it’s good to know that most city parks in NY offer free WIFI. You can easily stay connected with your family and friends while enjoying the sun.  

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